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Our identity

Through Jesus, we are...

... children of God (John 1,12)
... a new creation (2Cor 5,17)
... redeemed from our sin in HIS blood (Eph 1,7)
... dearly bought and willing to praise HIM with our lives and spirit (1Cor 6,20; Rom 12,1)
... saved from the power of darkness and relocated into HIS kingdom (Col 1,13)
... justified in faith and in peace with God (Rom 5,1)
... chosen, holy and beloved (Col 3,12)
... friends of God (Joh 15,15)
... overcomer of darkness (Rom 8,35-37)
... temples of The Holy Spirit (1Cor 6,19)
... sealed with The Holy Spirit of the promise (Eph 1,13)
... limbs in HIS body on earth (1Cor 12,27)
... dead to sin and living for God (Rom 6,2;11)

Our mission

„We want to see communities of Jesus followers multiply among the least-reached and to influence all areas of life.“

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Our Vision

  • to mobilize, train and accompany leaders and teams
  • to initiate church-planting movements
  • to support holistic ministries
  • to prepare within the community and then to send out to the unreached
  • to turn families into disciples