The birth place of Global Nomads

Schaffhausen, a small city in the north of Switzerland, is the place Global Nomads was founded. This is the place where all the founding members grew up and spent their youth.
Youth work was the origin of the foundation approximately 20 years ago (see "History"). Friendships from that time have endured until today and have become more profound and stronger
through many fights, storms, victories, and defeats. Jesus is our very center. We believe that it is Him who primarily works as a wise master builder on our relationships.
We want to be strong natural and spiritual families, teams, and communities that multiply - and change the world.
All our work and ministry is based on our relationship with Jesus, our families and friends.

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The calling of Switzerland

Switzerland has a strong calling, as every nation does. Due to many battles within the last centuries where we had to resist against multiple intruders, we became a nation of fighters.
We do not like foreign judges above us and want to take our future into our own hands.
This is also the main reason why Switzerland, as a small nation, has not become a member of the EU to this day. Nevertheless, we are not a belligerent nation. That's why we are neutral
in military terms, which in turn describes our character as balanced, reserved, diplomatic, peacemaking, and hubmle.
As a result, we have gained a lot of trust, for example in the banking sector.
We administer huge amounts of money and lead important financial streams.
This also is part of our spiritual calling to bring finances into the nations
for them to be blessed
As a tech nation, our products are in use worldwide, up to the moon and Mars.
This is the sending component: just as the swiss cross is pointing in all directions,
we are called to bring the message of our God into all directions and nations.
Just as in our crest, God also comes first in our constitution.
We pray and believe that this will not change and that all the Swiss people
will again turn to Him with all their hearts!

Our calling

Our battle is against dualism. The enemy has achieved the secession of central areas of family life with great success: education, work, and spiritual life (=church) mostly take place apart from family.
As a consequence, we lose our strength and live in parallel universes. Additionally, he has managaed to cut our influence into important fields of society like media, politics, education,
business, art, and sports. We are virtually unimportant in Europe. There are several reasons for that, one of them being our shortened understanding of The gospel,
which includes more than what has been preached in the past decades.

God is giving His church back their understanding today. We are nothing less than the "ecclesia", the reigning embodiment of the Father on this earth with the task to conduct not only
spiritual, but also practical government affairs. God wants to establish kingdom-infrastructure through us!
He wants to use you to bring forth new business ideas which do not enlsave but serve people.
He wants to revolutionize education through you, with God as a focus and leadership in the hand of families.
He wants to use you to develop innovations and new technologies that serve humans and nature.
He wants to change the banking sector through you and teach His people about the heavenly economy.
The list is endless because God's kingdom is much bigger and much more real than we think.
During the time of the biblical kings and judges, the spiritual leaders did not only write books, sit at their desks, and preach.
They did that, too but were primarily statesmen with understanding how to build cities, how politics work, how hosts are lead and war won, how kingdoms are reigned,
sons and daughters brought into their calling, and how to teach correctly because they knew of God's wisdom.

Let's follow their example and rebuild the city lead by Jesus. Many times, the image of Nehemiah comes to mind. In his times, the temple service in Jerusalem was running smooth but the city and
the walls had been leveled to the ground. This image is fitting for our time: our church services are ongoing, but His kingdom (=the city) is not yet visible.
A couple of hundred years ago, this was different. Guided by The Holy Spirit, brave men and women of God built up the educational and medical system,
founded banks, countless businesses, and worked as politicians and diplomats. Let us be inspired by their role model and change history!

Pray as if all work would be unnecessary and work as if all prayer was useless

What we do

Since the international headquarter of Global Nomads is based in Switzerland, our main tasks are the non-profit's board work and administration.
We want to build a stable foundation and provide essential resources so that our global activities can be executed.
In this way, we want to serve and contribute our share to the whole.

As you can read, our main work in Switzerland is to lay foundations. Solid foundations for families, teams, churches, businesses, and other organizations.
We build up companies to expand His kingdom on the one hand, and on the other hand to release resources for our global work.
We do not distinguish between here and there. We want to do the same thing everywhere: exalt God, work and pray for His honor,
share our lives with others and with a missionary lifestyle as a nomad, carry His message into society by word and deed.

Team Global Nomads Switzerland

GN Switzerland consists of the Tappolet, Ehrat, Galanti, Crepaldi and Bleisch families as well as Arnaldo Giovanettoni (2nd hand clothes) und Matthi Roth (Coaching).

We work very closely with the ministry "lifeshare" ( from the Crepaldi family. Side by side we work for His kingdom!