Earthquake relief in Turkey

Emergency aid after the big quake


A major focus of our work continues to be aid in the earthquake region in south-east Turkey. Thanks to your support, we were able to provide practical assistance to thousands of victims, convey hope and share God's love in a practical way. Many have been touched and have come to faith in Jesus. Please continue to pray for these people, as many have not yet found their feet.

We are still working with our teams and were able to start a care centre in Antioch. The local government has provided us with a large plot of land where we are helping hundreds of people every day. The rush is huge. Above all, there is still a lack of drinking water, food and hygiene products. We also help the traumatised victims with pastoral care, look after women and children, weep with those who are crying and offer training on various topics. We are delighted that we are able to bring light into the unimaginable plight of these shaken people.


Global Nomads support centre in Antioch

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