Global Nomads - Catalyzing Indigenous Movements

Collective life

We operate so-called "Apostolic Hubs" in Europe and along the Silk Road. A hub is a junction combining two places.

People coming from A make a stopover at our hub on their way to B where they receive preparation for location B. Apostolic means "sent".

It's all about being sent after having served and through this, having been prepared practically.



Share, work, make an impact

In an Apostolic Hub, we share our lives, work together, and try to affect our surrounding environment and the whole region. Discipleship happens in the context of life, preparation in practical surroundings, and eventually through the emission

 to a new place, work area, or a new mission.

If you are interested, you are very welcome to pay us a visit and live and learn with us.

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The 15 "L" of the Apostolic Hubs

Over time, we have discovered 15 aspects of Apostolic Hubs. They all start with an "L". Therefore, they are called the 15 "L"s.

Did we spark your interest? Do you long for life in a community, to experience Jesus and for transformation and would you like to serve others

Come and let yourself be equipped for the things God has in store for you!