Holistic service

God has entrusted His creation to our care for good stewardship. We want to see how His ways influence all areas of life

according to his word "Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven" (Mat 6:10).

As the church of Christ, we are not intended to withdraw from society. Instead, we want to influence and change culture for the good.




Steering toward the hardship of others

We fight for the restoration of social justice

help people to be able to earn their own living

- so that dignity goes from being a political catchphrase 

to becoming reality.

Take a look at the things we are mainly involved in

and help us make a change.

Intelligent development aid from the heart

Our passion
Global Nomads
is passionate about holistic and sustainable development aid in the Balkans and works in a close partnership with local friends.
In our daily work, we put much emphasis on authentic relationships, personal support, and equal partnership with all participants.

Our dream
We are dreaming of building something unitedly that serves people, fosters creativity, is economically interesting,
simple to multiply, saves the environment, connects generations, and is additionally fun to do.

Our ambition
We want to help the local people to voluntarily use and develop their own skills and resources in a way that will enable them to be of the greatest use
to as many people as possible for as long as possible. It is our goal that they are continually able to support themselves.
The question is not: "What do you need?" but "What do you have?".

Our moral code
We regard every human independently of his background and culture as created and loved by God.
Because of that, our interaction with partners, suppliers, customers, agencies, etc. comes from a place of
respect, dignity, appreciation, honesty, concern, reliability, and competence.

Social Enterprise
Is it possible to be economically successful without exploiting people, to use natural resources without damaging them,
and to increase productivity without taking away the joy of life?
We believe: YES!

Fighting poverty and social injustice

Poverty and underdevelopment are not primarily a problem of a lack of resources, apprenticeship, or power.
They grow out of a "culture of poverty" or perceptions and ideas that are upheld within a society which in turn leads to behavior that leads to poverty.
Thus the origin of poverty is within people or respectively in broken relationships. Broken relationships with The Creator, the creation, oneself, and society.

Help us to create change and help the poorest to help themselves.