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Our vision

We want communities of Jesus followers to multiply among unreached people groups.

We dream of the Kingdom of God spreading and its influence becoming visible in all areas of society.

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Our mission

We catalyze indigenous movements that serve the people around them and in this way share God's love.

  • We mobilise, train and accompany leaders and teams 
  • We initiate church planting movements 
  • We raise awareness of Jesus' missionary mandate 
  • We train and send out people 
  • We release resources 
  • We promote holistic ministries

We do this by

Training church planters
Living in community
Serving holistically

Our values

Reach the unreached

Our heart beats for unreached people groups and subcultures. We want them to experience and share the good news of God's kingdom.

Make disciples

Jesus has called us to make disciples and to guide them in making disciples of others. This is the core of our ministry and we give our all for it.

Aim for multiplication

We are on fire for communities of Jesus followers, who in turn create, accompany and release communities of Jesus followers.

Living in community

By living together, we are honed and sharpened for new fields of work. We honour and value what God has placed in our counterparts.

Think globally

We see ourselves as part of the global church and love the entire body of Christ with all its facets. We give our all locally - in the knowledge that God is at work globally and that his kingdom is growing worldwide.

Live like a nomad

We are not looking for an earthly abode, but for the future, heavenly city. We do not set our hearts on earthly goods, but are always ready to let go and let others continue to work in our place.

Our principles

  • Knowing and glorifying God
    Our work only grows out of our personal relationship with God and our deep satisfaction in Him. We not only want to glorify God in everything we do, but also in how we do it.
  • The authority of the Word of God
    The Bible is our reference in shaping our lives and ministries, in making decisions and resolving our conflicts.
  • Living in the power of the Holy Spirit
    We seek the counselling and guidance of the Holy Spirit, count on His speaking and working and want to live and serve by His power.
  • Respecting the church of Jesus
    As God's manifold wisdom is made known through the church, we honour it and seek to edify it at all levels and at every opportunity.
  • Grace and integrity
    We want to pass on the grace we have experienced to others. Our whole life - in thoughts, words, actions and attitudes - should be transformed into the image of Jesus.
  • Serve sacrificially
    With Jesus' obedient sacrifice in mind, we find freedom in suffering, in personal discomfort, when we are vilified or go through financial difficulties.
  • Valuing and loving people
    Our love for God manifests itself in our love for our neighbour as created in God's image; regardless of gender, origin, race and religion, inclined towards us or not.
  • Prayer and Intercession
    We believe that corporate and personal prayer aligns us with God's purposes, changes us and transforms the world. 
  • World Mission
    We are committed to Jesus' command to proclaim and disciple the gospel to all creation.
  • Reflecting the Body of Christ in its Diversity
    We seek unity in diversity and work together as equals, despite different theological or ethnic backgrounds.

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