Serving holistically

God has entrusted us humans with His creation for good stewardship. We want to see how the kingdom of God spreads through the church and how His ordinances influence all areas of life according to "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" (Mt. 6:10). As the church of Jesus, we should not withdraw from society, but actively confront need at all levels.

Turning to the plight of others

We are committed to restoring social justice and helping people to earn their own living - so that dignity is not just a political slogan, but a reality.

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Development with heart and mind

Our passion
Global Nomads is passionate about providing holistic and sustainable development aid in the Balkans in close partnership with friends on the ground. In our work, we emphasise authentic relationships, personal support and equal partnership with all stakeholders.

Our dream
We dream that together we can build something that serves people, promotes creativity, is economically interesting, can be easily multiplied, protects the environment, connects generations and also brings joy.

Our endeavour
We want to help local people to use and develop their gifts, skills and resources in a way that maximises the benefits for as many people as possible for as long as possible. Our aim is for them to be able to support themselves in the long term. Our question is not: "What do you lack?" but "What do you have?".

Our mission statement
We respect every person, regardless of their origin and culture, as created and loved by God. That is why our dealings with partners, customers, suppliers, authorities, etc. are characterised by respect, dignity, appreciation, honesty, compassion, reliability and competence.

Social Enterprise
Is it possible to be economically successful without exploiting, to utilise natural resources without damaging them, to increase productivity without losing joie de vivre? We believe YES!

The fight against poverty and social injustice
Poverty and underdevelopment are not primarily a problem of a lack of resources, education or power. Poverty arises from a "culture of poverty", from beliefs and ideas that are upheld in a society, which in turn give rise to a certain behaviour that leads to poverty. The origin of poverty therefore lies in people or in broken relationships. Broken relationships with the Creator, with creation, with oneself and with society.

Help us to create change and help the poorest to help themselves.

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